We Came Out Like Tigers – Ever-crushed At Pecket’s Well

It’s always a pleasure to see the WCOLT lads, whether it’s at a gig, recording with them or even just for a nice friendly beer. In January they recorded some tracks for a new 12″ due out in April. Here is the band’s statement regarding the LP:

So things got worse and we got sad. We found disappointment at every turn: we sang songs about changing the world because we believed we could, we played this music because we thought punk rock was a scene that would never allow fascists, sexists, homophobes and their apologists to be tolerated, but such ideas seemed to be little more than a token mention whilst people awkwardly tuned instruments. We thought that heavy music was played by people with heavy opinions, heavy souls who wanted to have heavy late night conversations. We thought people valued originality and integrity over petty attempts at fame and recognition. We thought our little band releasing a little record could contribute to the resistance, could keep the flame alive.

We must be naïve or stupid or both, because here we are with another record, because we refuse to give up. We refuse to believe that smashing Nazi’s means anything less than just that, we refuse to believe that we need a ‘manager’, we refuse to believe that you have to fawn over pornographers to get your shitty video premièred to get you on that next “rad” tour. And if punk rock never stood for freedom in the first place then fuck it, lets use a new word and carry on the only way we feel comfortable, and lets make this scene a safe place for those that are well intentioned, and a dangerous place for those who aren’t.

We have recorded five of the angriest, saddest songs we have ever written. Here is one of them.

Ever-crushed At Pecket’s Well – 14/04/2014


Ancient Ascendant

It’s been a busy few months here at Vagrant Recordings, although everything recorded recently has yet to be released, hence the lack of updates!

Back in November I engineered drums for Ancient Ascendant‘s new album produced by Dan Swano which will be released on Candlelight Records, here’s a track from it!

Expect more updates soon with new stuff from We Came Out Like Tigers, The Day Man Lost, Corrupt Moral Altar, Oblivionized and more.

Corrupt Moral Altar – Whiskey Sierra

The good folks at Dead Chemists Records are releasing some Corrupt Moral Altar material on 7″, which contains 2 brand new tracks and 2 tracks off the Needle Drugs demo. Here is one of them!

Oh and if you’re wondering why it cuts off so suddenly at the end, it’s because it ordinarily segues beautifully into the next track.

Post-Valentine’s Blues/News/Reviews

Liverpool’s Salem Rages came to record a free single for Valentine’s Day recently, here it is for your listening pleasure!

In other news, Widnes hardcore band The Jeffrey Uppercut were in over the weekend recording their first EP, if you like pissed off angry hardcore, check back in a few days to check out their tracks.

Next month will see Black Magician entering the studio to record a 7″ and also some Corrupt Moral Altar news regarding upcoming 7″s too!

In the meantime checkout Luciferian Deathcult, which (finally) ships tomorrow.

Review of Luciferian Deathcult from The Sleeping Shaman